5 Ways Human Resources Professionals Can Use Social Media

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The explosion of social media as a marketing and networking tool has created never-before-seen opportunities for human resources professionals to recruit and retain the top talent in their industries. With that in mind, here are five exciting applications of social media in human resources:



With hundreds of millions of users around the world, Facebook has become an invaluable tool for human resources professionals. One popular online recruitment strategy is to incorporate a Facebook job application tool on your company's page. Conversely, human resources recruiters can also scour the lists of people who "like" the company to see if there is a potential match between a given user and an available job vacancy.



Like Facebook, LinkedIn offers recruitment professionals a fast and easy way to exponentially build a network of potential employees. Because it has strong appeal as a social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn can serve as both a recruitment and a headhunting ground. LinkedIn allows you to post jobs and find the best qualified candidates based on your set criteria.



The popular microblogging site Twitter allows HR professionals to locate potential employees by monitoring the feeds of people in their extended network of current and former employees, as well as any followers of the company's feed. Essentially, Twitter can be used as a screening tool to identify individuals who may be a good fit for the company.


Websites and blogs

Adding an HR blog or an online forum to your company's website gives current and former employees a means of expressing their job satisfaction to potential employees who are researching the company in preparation for a job interview or in response to a recruitment campaign.


Brand and company recognition

Public relations professionals in many of the world's top companies are tapping into social media as a means of keeping alumni interconnected. This creates a value proposition in the minds of former employees and helps to promote companies and their brands to each individual member's entire social network.





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